Ophtalmoscopic examination

Earlier, the only way to identify cats with PRA was with ophtalmoscopic examination. This is performed by veterinarians specialized in the procedure.

Ophtalmoscopic examination is still important due to the risk for new mutations that will not be traced by the DNA-test.

At the clinic, before the examination, you have to administer eye drops to your cat. The purpose is to have the pupils dilated. At the clinic you are also asked to fill in a form. Since both cats and dogs are being examined, please ensure that you are using the form developed by Aby & Somaliringen.

This should be available at every veterinary clinic in Sweden and is available from Aby & Somaliringen upon request (ask the contact person for Aby & Somali).

Before the examination the veterinary will check the ID (tattoo or micro chip) of your cat. Please also bring the pedigree/registration certificate for checking the ID.

The veterinarian will fill in the results of the examination on the form. There will be one copy for the owner, whereas another copy will be sent to the health programme for registration.

All results for Abyssinians and Somalis are entered into the PawPeds database.

Note that we do not register results from ophtalmoscopic examinations for any other breeds for the moment!


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the contact persons for the health program!