Health Program Registrars

Before you send any health test results to us for registration, please check if we do register the type of test result you have. We do not have health programmes for all diseases and all breeds. Check on the page "Our Health Programmes" to see what we register in our pedigree databases. There are also certain rules for what we register even if the disease and the breed are on the list. In order to get all the info you need, read the page "How to test" for the disease in question.

For DNA tests you can generally just look up the registrar and send the result to the address given here. It is usually a good idea though to first read the page about how to test for the health programme in question.

When it comes to ultrasound examinations for HCM or HD examinations, please read on the page for each of those tests. It is generally not possible to just send in such results and get them registered. We do however register results from HCM ultrasound examinations and HD examinations for ALL breeds, also those who are not listed on the page "Our Health Programmes", in the separate health database, from which you can download files with all registered data for the breed of your choice on the page "Health Data Download".