G2 - General Course 2 - Cat breeding for beginners

The G2 course has the following contents:G2Ribbon

  • Responsibilities of the breeder
  • Housing and care - laws, permissions and regulations
  • Mentorship
  • Breeding plan
  • Choosing your breeding cats
  • Owning a stud
  • Owning a breeding female
  • Birth control pills
  • Basic genetics
  • Color genetics
  • Genetic diseases and defects
  • Infectious diseases
  • Mating
  • Pregnancy
  • Delivery of the kittens
  • Determining the sex of the kittens
  • Defects in the kittens
  • Hand-feeding kittens
  • Color determination
  • Registration and certificates
  • Development of the kittens
  • Evaluating and selecting the kittens
  • Selling the kittens

This course is running over ten weeks. Also at this course, the students will read articles, do tests, write, and solve problems related to the articles, in groups as well as individually. Note that some group work is obligatory!

Please note that the courses require quite some time from the participants! Most students use around 10-12 hours per week for the G2 course, but it varies depending on background knowledge and how used they are to studying.

Entering the course

If you would like to sign up to take the G2 course, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask to be added to the waiting list. Note that the G2 course only is open for those who have taken the G1 course and got the examination banner.

The course fee is presently approximately €140/€145 (plus bank fees for transferring the money). The price might change over time. You will not have to pay until we can offer you a place in the course and you have accepted. If you will not get a place in the next planned courses, you will be placed on a waiting list and will be offered a place later on.

Examination banner

Cat owners and breeders who participate in and pass the exams of this course will be listed on a specific page on PawPeds. They will also have the right to use the banner shown above on their websites, to show that they have taken this course.

Status (2023-02-19)

G2 in English: New courses have start beginning this year. Currently on the waiting list there are 158 people.

G2 in Dutch: Translation is ongoing. Hopefully before mid of 2023 this will be finised so that we can start courses in 2nd half of 2023. There are 62 people on the waiting list.

Translations to other languages will follow. No time frame known at this point. First the translation of English to that other language needs to be done.