General Course G1

We have the course in several languages. If you want to read about the course in your preferred language use the links to the left.Picture

General course step 1, or G1 for short, is mainly about cat ownership. It is basically for beginners, but also for more experienced breeders who later want to take the higher courses.

The G1 course has the following content:

  • Anatomy, an introduction
  • Behaviour
  • Basic information about food and nutrition
  • Indoor cat? Outdoor cat?
  • How to find the right cat breeder
  • Pedigree cat or mix breed?
  • Laws and rules regarding buying cats
  • Contracts
  • Safe environment for the cat
  • Poisoning
  • Litter trays and cat litter
  • Neuter/spay
  • Health checks
  • Vaccinations
  • The elderly cat
  • Parasites
  • Common diseases and health problems
  • Health programmes
  • The PawPeds database site
  • Cat breeds
  • Cat colours
  • Cat shows
  • Breeding?

Before you get started with this course, you will need to get prepared by getting to know the functions of the course site and the rules and routines for the course. For that reason you will get access to the course site approximately one week before the actual course starts. The G1 course is then running over six weeks. The course participants will read articles, do assignments, write, and solve problems related to the availabe articles, in groups as well as individually.

The entire course is done over the internet. You will be sitting at home working. For some of the assignments however you will need to be in contact with other course participants. This is mainly done through the group forum in the course site.


The courses require quite some work from the course participants! Most of our course participants spend around 8 hours per week on the G1 course, some more, depending on earlier knowledge and how used they are to study. Of course it might also take longer time if you are taking a course which is not in your native language, so you struggle with the language on top of everything else. Please plan ahead when you consider accepting the invitation.

Requirements for the Courses

G1 - Start for beginners and open for everyone.
G2 - Open only for those who have taken the G1 course and got the examination banner!
G3 - Open only for those who have taken the G2 course and got the examination banner!

Conditions (summary)

Note that the course fee will not be reimbursed if you decide to leave the course or if you change your mind before the course starts, regardless of the reasons for this. You also can not count on obtaining a place in a future course unless you pay the fee for that place.

We make no difference between the reasons why a student leaves the course or changes his/her mind. The reasons are often very personal, and we feel we should not investigate these in order to judge if a student has a good enough reason to drop out of the course.

If a person who paid the course fee informs us very early that he/she can not take the course, preferrably before the course starts, we can in some cases arrange it so that the course fee can be used for a later course instead. This is only if we can fill the place in the course with another course participant. However, it can not be required from us to solve this for a course participant.

If a student drops out during the course we can sometimes offer the student a place in a future course if another student dropped out from that course. For this to be an option the later student must have dropped out from his/her course at the same time as the student who is to take over the place, or earlier. This means that the later in the course a student drops out the better are the chances to take up the course again in a future course without having to pay again. We will do what we can to help, but we can not guarantee that we can solve it in all cases. If you want to make sure to be able to take up the studies again at a later course you will have to sign up again and pay the course fee again when you get the invitation. You will then have a new place right from the start of that course.

Sign up

Fill in the form for the English G1 course in order to sign up for the course. You will then get on the waiting list for a G1 course in English.



The approximately present course fee

The price might change over time. You will not have to pay until we can offer you a place in the course.
If you will not get a place in the next planned courses, you will be placed on a waiting list and will be offered a place later on.

  • G1 - € 80/ € 85 (plus bank fees for transfering the money)

Status (update: 2024-02-24)

G1 in English: 3 new courses will start in April 2024. There are 450 people on the waiting list.

G1 in Swedish: We expect to start a G1 course in Swedish after the Christmas holiday. There are 225 people on the waiting list.

G1 in Dutch: There will hopefully be a new course in autumn 2024. There are 39 people on the waiting list .

G1 in French: We are presently working on translating the updated version of G1 from English to French. There are 365 people on the waiting list.

G1 in German: We are presently working on translating the updated version of G1 from English to German. There are 411 people on the waiting list

G1 in Italian: We will be working on translating the updated version of G1 from English to Italien. There are 193 people on the waiting list

G1 in Polish: We will be working on translating the updated version of G1 from English to Polish. There are 353 people on the waiting list

G1 in Czech. We will be working on translating the updated version of G1 from Czech. There are 96 people on the waiting list