British Shorthair

This is a page for British Shorthair, to help in finding educational resources and articles, both within the PawPeds project and outside PawPeds. First the breed specific resources and articles are listed, but be sure to also look at the general links below! Much is the same regardless of which breed you are working with, and there is a lot of useful information to be found in the section with general info!

British Shorthair Database To the PawPeds Database for British Shorthair
Add a Pedigree  Contacts for adding your cats pedigree to PawPed database
Information about HD and HCM by Ultrasound
(You never send in those resutts by your self, so read the instructions carefully and make sure your veterinarian understands what to do)
HCM Ultrasound Information Information about How to Test you cat within the Health Program
HCM Form The Form used for testing HCM with the Health Program
Send in HCM Ultrasound Results? NOTE! Results from HCM screening should be sent in directly by the veterinarian and not by the owner.
If you have questions contact one of the contactpersons
HCM Questions If you have questions about HCM, just contact one of the contactpersons
Information about Health programs
Info Health Programmes General information about Health Programs
Add a Health Programme How to add a Health Program to PawPeds!
General Links for British Shorthair
Blue Shorthairs before 1903