Veterinarians interested in participating in the PawPeds screening program should have the following credentials:

    1. Have a license to practice veterinary medicine.
    2. Have documentation of adequate theoretical and practical training in veterinary cardiology. Examples of such training would be to successfully have passed the ECVIM specialist examination in veterinary cardiology, or similar examination, or having undertaken the ESAVS courses in veterinary cardiology, in addition to have practiced together with an experienced specialist.
    3. Have spent time screening cats in the PawPeds program together with an approved screener.
    4. Conduct cat screens using a cardiology designated ultrasound unit that allows screens of adequate quality.

Furthermore, the screener should:

  1. Conduct cat screens according to PawPeds instructions, which includes that owner must sign the report before any examinations are done.
  2. Perform echocardiographic examination using the standard views for measurements and assessments of morphology and motion cardiac structures.
  3. Classify cats according to the PawPeds criteria for HCM, equivocal and normal. This includes knowledge of the normal reference ranges of cardiac measurements used in the PawPeds program.
  4. Have knowledge of the PawPeds breeding recommendations. (Read the breeding recommendations here.)
  5. Preferably make any comments on report in English.

If you feel you are qualified, please send your curriculum vitae, as complete as possible and in English, to:

Åsa Ohlsson and Debbie Sprenger
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prof. Jens Häggström, who is involved in the management of this health programme, will have to approve your participation.