DNA Testing for PK Deficiency

Aby and Somali

The DNA testing is performed by two laboratories, covering th e global demand for testing, ie by the Josephine Deubler Institute at University of Pennsylvania ("PennGen") in the US or Laboklin in Germany. Currently all samples from the Nordic area are analyzed by PennGen.

Aby & Somaliringen in cooperation with Rinkeby Veterinary Clinic organizes transportation of samples from Sweden to PennGen which gives a discounted price for each sample sent. The dates for transportation are found at www.abysomali.se (only in Swedish).

To send a sample through Aby & Somaliringen, please proceed as follows:

  • Use the referral form, developed by Aby & Somaliringen (in Word or PDF format). You need one form per cat. Complete the form with the full name of the cat, its registration number and ID-number.
  • Either a blood sample or mucosal cells from the oral cavity ("swab test") could be used for the test. For Nordic inhabitants it is possible to order the "swabs" from Aby & Somaliringen. The cost for the two swabs needed per cat is currently 30 SEK. You can order swabs on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Before using the swabs, please read the enclosed instructions carefully.
  • For blood samples, 1 ml EDTA-blood is required.
  • Ensure that the name/ID number on the test tube or swab is identical to the name/ID stated on the form. Otherwise you will risk that the sample is lost to identification.
  • Send the sample by mail to:
    Veterinary Marie Louise Almbielke
    Rinkeby Djurklinik
    Kuddbygränd 4
    163 75 Spånga
    The sample should be delivered earlier than 2 days before the shipping date to the US to allow for packaging and ensuring correct labelling.
  • Payment for the test should be sent to Aby & Somaliringen. The cost depends on the exchange rate and is noted at www.abysomali.se (only in Swedish). If you live outside Sweden, please contact the contact person for further information on payment procedures.
  • A copy of the test result from PennGen will be forwarded to Aby & Somaliringen for registration.

If you have tested your cat for PK deficiency without going through Aby & Somaliringen, you are very welcome to send a copy of your cat's result for registration in the health programme. Please, send the copy to the contact person for the health programme!

Bengal, Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat

Blood or mucosal cells from the oral cavity ("swab test") could be used for the test. More information on test procedures, payment and prices etc are to be found at the websites of the laboratories performing the tests. Two such labs are:


How do I get the Results Public on PawPeds?

In order to have your cat's result registered in the health program, you have to send in a copy of the result to the registrar. You can find the contact info in the contact-link in the menu.
You can also click here: 

Make sure the cat's pedigree is already registered in the pedigree database of PawPeds before you send in any test results, by sending the pedigree to one of your breeds registrars.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the contact persons for the health program!