The HealthWeb

In the beginning of 2023 we launched a new web based system called HealthWeb where the veterinary clinic can upload the images of the hips directly in the system.

To initiate a HD case in the new system the owner must first create the HD form via the system. The HD form is then printed and signed. Se more detailed information on the page How to test.

The HealthWeb is available on this page:

Both owners and veterinarian needs to have an account for the HealthWeb. For the owners it is the same account that is used for NetPedigree (the online database system for pedigrees). The veterinarian must create a new account the first time they want to use the system.

More information and details are found when visiting the HealthWeb via the link above.

The Overall Process

  1. The cat owner register a new HD case in the system and prints a pre-filled form and signs it before the visit to the clinic
  2. At the clinic the veterinarian fills in information about the examination, signs the form, and performs the x-ray
  3. The form is scanned by the clinic
  4. The clinic first upload the form which has an QR code that is used to connect the form to the right HD case in the HealthWeb
  5. Then the DICOM files (that contains the x-ray images) are uploaded by the clinic to the HD case
  6. When everything is uploaded and filled in, the HD case is submitted by the clinic
  7. When payment has been received from the cat owner and is noted in the system, the HD case becomes available for our evaluator
  8. Our evaluator looks at the images and register the assessment
  9. The result of the assessment is registered in our health register
  10. The result is sent to the cat owner by email