Register a Health Programme with PawPeds

If the breeders of a breed would like to register a health programme with us, they are very welcome to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss the matter further. There are some requirements though that we will always insist on:

  • The health programme should deal with a problem that is fairly common in the breed, and that causes suffering or death for affected cats, or for many of the affected cats.
  • It should be health programmes where both the positive and the negative health information is being registered.
  • For the registration of a result, the registrar must require a written permission, duly signed by the owner of the cat, in order to release the information to the public.
  • Normally the information we register should be certified by a licenced veterinary.
  • The cats involved should preferrably have a permanent id (microchip or tattoo) in order to avoid accusations of false information.

In order to make this programme work properly, we will need a group of people to work with this health programme, writing articles, educating breeders about the problem, and generally spreading the knowledge about the existence of the the health programme and the problem.

We will also need someone who will act as the registrar for this new to add health programme. The registrars will get an account on our server, where they can enter the health information according to the rules we have agreed on.