Testing for GSD IV

In order to avoid getting affected kittens, and to eventually eliminate the GBE1 mutation from the  Norwegian Forest Cat breed, we need to DNA test all breeding cats. By DNA testing we can also find the healthy carriers that could pass on the disease to their offspring if they are bred to another carrier.

Of course, a cat must be tested only once in his life and you don't need to test descendants from healthy (homozygous normal) parents if you are definitely sure of the pedigree.

How do I test my cats?

You can do a simple DNA-test with a cheek swab.
There are many, many labs but in the link Labs here in the menu, you can find a selection of labs just to get a hint.
Read closely in the instructions of the lab you choose so that you will have it done correctly. 

How do I get the results public on PawPeds?

Genindexe has a form where you can fill in if you want them to send a copy directly to the public registry or not. This allows us to get a bit more reliable statistics (read more about why reliable statistics are important). The Swedish breed club Skogkattslingan also has an agreement with Laboklin with a special form and price, where you also can agree to the lab sending a copy of the result to the registrar of the health program.
The other labs, as far as we know, do not have this option. You then have to send in a copy of the result to the registrar yourself.

The result of the tests sent to the registrar by the lab will be made public no earlier than approximately 60 days after the owner received it. The reason for this delay is to give the owner time to inform kitten buyers and other people with related cats about the result before they get the info from other parties who saw it in the public database.

In order to have your cat's result registered in the health program, you have to send in a copy of the result to the registrar. You can find the contact info in the contact-link in the menu.
You can also click here: 

Make sure the cat's pedigree is already registered in the pedigree database of PawPeds before you send in any test results, by sending the pedigree to one of your breeds registrars. 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the contact persons for the health program!