Ragdoll Maintainers


To add your pedigrees to PawPeds, click on the link below and choose Open a new ticket, then choose your breed, add the pedigrees, and submit:
Add Pedigrees here 


Note that the maximum size to attach to the ticket is 64 Mb.
The preferred size is 200-300 dpi and the preferred format is pfd but jpeg or png is also fine.

The integrity of the database is very important and the reliability of online pedigrees can sometimes be doubtful.
Additionally, the original source of the online published information can only be guessed.
This is the reason why we prefer to enter information from certified pedigrees. Remember that even certified pedigrees sometimes have errors.

Copies of registration slips are appreciated too. If you cannot provide copies of certified pedigrees, please mention the source of your information.

If you send in copies digitally, please, make sure the quality is good enough so that we can read everything without difficulties.

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