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Note that the maximum size to attach to the ticket is 64 Mb.
The preferred size is 200-300 dpi and the preferred format is pfd but jpeg or png is also fine.

The integrity of the database is very important and the reliability of online pedigrees can sometimes be doubtful.
Additionally, the original source of the online published information can only be guessed.
This is the reason why we prefer to enter information from certified pedigrees. Remember that even certified pedigrees sometimes have errors.

Note! If you would like to contribute test results of genetic diseases to the database, please read carefully the health program and contact the person in charge of the right register!

How to add health info

We only publish health info for those health programmes we are working with, and these are subject to certain rules. You can read more about it on the health programmes page. Please, check the info about the health programme you are interested in, and if you have any questions, ask the contacts for the health programme in question! Do not just send in health info to the database maintainer for your breed without checking!

How to add pictures

If the cat in the picture has been used for breeding, and was born around 1995 or earlier, you are welcome to email the picture to the Maine Coon Ancestor Gallery (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

If the cat doesn't match the criteria for being published in the Maine Coon Ancestor Gallery, you could email a link to where you have published the picture yourself. Note that it should be a link to the picture alone, so that the address to the picture will usually end with .jpg or .gif. Please, email the address together with the name of the cat to the database maintainer for your country!

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