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 This is an archive of photographs dedicated to the earlier Maine Coon Breeding Cats and their Breeders. It was first created by Tina Dodge, Fogcity. It is now maintained by Diana Verhaegen  from cattery The Haecoon

At the time the Ancestors-gallery was created by Tina Dodge, there were not as many breeders as there are nowadays and so of course not that many pictures of our beloved Maine Coon.Time has changed and so must the Ancestors gallery.Therefore we have made some changes/rules for anyone who wants to have their Maine Coon added into the gallery.

  1. You can send in pictures of registered Maine Coon cats BUT they must have produced at least one registered offspring [this is not applicable to the Methuselahs].  If the pedigrees are not in the database yet, you can send these to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Pictures of Maine Coon breeders, who got their first litter of Maine Coon kittens at least 10 years ago. Please send your first pedigree along.
  3. *Pictures of pure (100%) foundation Maine Coons.
  4. **Pictures of registered Maine Coon cats who lived to be 15 years or older (pictures of the cats in their old age are preferred)
  5. We also would love to have pictures of cats born before 1980 for our Historic Maine Coon section.
  6. The pictures you send in need to be named by the registered name of the cat so we can add them in alphabetical order. The cat’s picture will be shown with the cattery name as pre-fix.
  7. If you have them, we would like three pictures per cat. 1) One of the entire body, 2) one head and 3) one profile picture.

Pictures should be not bigger than 40 KB and three pictures only. If this is not possible, please send whatever format you have available.

*There will be a separate pure (100%) foundation section. The part new foundation lines/part traditional show lines will be added in the section Registered Maine Coon Cats

** If you also want to register your 15 year olds or older Maine Coons in the Methusalah section then look here

If you have a picture to add, which meets one of the criteria above, please email it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Tatiana of Tati-Tan, 1965-12-24


Dauphin de France of Tati-Tan, 1967-05-20


Tati-Tan Beau de France of Mari-Lee, 1968-07-11
Tati-Tan Coquette de France, 1968-07-11
Whittemore Jennifer of Jo Stad, 1968-03-02
Whittemore Senator Muskie of Norwynde, 1968-07-17


Fluffanutter of Abnaki, 1969-06-09
Andy Katt of heidi Ho, 1969-04-10
Tati-Tan Bijou, 1969-05-28
Emin-Dale Fos'l, 1969-03-06


Heidi Ho Heather, 1970-12-26
Heidi Ho Henry Sayward, 1970-12-26


Abnaki Simone de Beauvoir, 1971-04-22
Yankee Cats Obsidian, 1971-09-04


Kent Early Delivery, 1972-08-09


Heidi Ho Heathcliff II, 1973-12-09
Stonehill Ephraim of Kennebec, 1973-10-11


Havenwood Billy Budd of Suzeran, 1974-08-13


Cacomistle Rocky Raccoon of Calicoon, 1975-03-07
Magnificoon Snow Crystal of Le Beau Minu, 1975-09-01
Maine Blizzard of Le Beau Minu, 1975-05-12
Pa-Gar Victor K. of Andyspals, 1975-02-03
Razzberi Ripple of Candilu, 1975-07-06


Heidi Ho Henrietta Katt, 1976-06-03
Heidi Ho Jonathan, 1976-03-11
Kay-T of Le Beau Minu, 1976-04-04
Magnificoon Nutmeg of Le Beau Minu, 1976-03-23
Orchard Cricket of Kennebec, 1976-01-18
Stonehill Japeth of Kennebec, 1976-06-15
Zig-Krn Magnificent Maggie, 1976-04-14


Calicoon Sam Francisco of Friscoon, 1977-02-09
Felton Feather of Roselu, 1977-03-27
Gemütlichkat Erin of Charmingcat, 1977-03-14
Illya Creme de Coco of Friscoon, 1977-07-07
Illya Yankee Patriot of Roselu, 1977-07-11
Jaidee Panda of Terrificats, 1977-08-21
Le Beau Minu Jack Frost, 1977-10-15
Mollie Parnis of Illya [Maine, US], 1977-07-15
Orchard Flora of Sohomews, 1977-12-23
Our Billy Benjamin of McInkats, 1977-09-04
Our Summer Sarah of Mymains, 1977-09-04
Sundar Lynda, 1977-09-16
Sundar Sarisvati of Charmalot, 1977-07-23
Tanstaafl Polly Adeline of Heidi Ho, 1977-11-05


Heidi Ho Sonkey Bill, 1978-01-21
Illya Platinum of Le Beau Minu, 1978-04-20
Le Beau Minu Purr-Fect Pewter, 1978-04-05
Magnificoon Spitfire of Le Beau Minu, 1978-11-29
Picasso of Clowder, 1978-03-02
Patchet Mokie Mudpie of Schick, 1978-06-28
Roselu Blue Star, 1978-10-12
Roselu Garden Party of Kiskata, 1978-10-12
Spavinaw Blu-Macks of Calicoon, 1978-08-30
The Maine Place Bastet of Charmalot, 1978-10-22
Zig-Krn Devil of Kibs, 1978-06-26


Calicoon Charlemaine, 1979-08-24
Heidi Ho Molly B. of Tanstaafl, 1979-10-19
Kat Hous Hey Sues of Hevengift, 1979-05-05
Kibs Raska of McInkats, 1979-08-16
MtKittery Schoodic, 1979-06-01
Tanstaafl Loki of Kennebec, 1979-08-20

The Maine Place Wellington of Charmalot, 1979-10-13


Calicoon Chris's Rachel, 1980-04-08
Chandor Ben Erin of Charmingcat, 1980-07-11
Charmalot Animation of Mainberg, 1980-12-03
Charmalot Bluesette, 1980-01-08
Charmalot Strawberry of Roselu, 1980-09-05
Friscoon Buffalo Bill, 1980-08-28
Heidi Ho Canth of Tanstaafl, 1980-08-11
Hevengift Garth's Fantasy, 1980-11-23
Jasmin von Anatolien, 1980-12-06
Jupiter von Anatolien, 1980-12-06
Klinker zum Katzenrech, 1980-05-30
Lovabacon Miguel of Kreidcats, 1980-08-21
Nonpareil Charity of Silvercoon, 1980-07-04
Zamba zum Katzenrech, 1980-05-30

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