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This is an archive of photographs dedicated to the earlier Maine Coon Breeding Cats and their Breeders. It was first created by Tina Dodge, Fogcity. It is now maintained by Diana Verhaegen  from cattery The Haecoon

At the time the Ancestors-gallery was created by Tina Dodge, there were not as many breeders as there are nowadays and so of course not that many pictures of our beloved Maine Coon.Time has changed and so must the Ancestors gallery.Therefore we have made some changes/rules for anyone who wants to have their Maine Coon added into the gallery.

  1. You can send in pictures of registered Maine Coon cats BUT they must have produced at least one registered offspring [this is not applicable to the Methuselahs].  If the pedigrees are not in the database yet, you can send these to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Pictures of Maine Coon breeders, who got their first litter of Maine Coon kittens at least 10 years ago. Please send your first pedigree along.
  3. *Pictures of pure (100%) foundation Maine Coons.
  4. **Pictures of registered Maine Coon cats who lived to be 15 years or older (pictures of the cats in their old age are preferred)
  5. We also would love to have pictures of cats born before 1980 for our Historic Maine Coon section.
  6. The pictures you send in need to be named by the registered name of the cat so we can add them in alphabetical order. The cat’s picture will be shown with the cattery name as pre-fix.
  7. If you have them, we would like three pictures per cat. 1) One of the entire body, 2) one head and 3) one profile picture.

Pictures should be not bigger than 40 KB and three pictures only. If this is not possible, please send whatever format you have available.

*There will be a separate pure (100%) foundation section. The part new foundation lines/part traditional show lines will be added in the section Registered Maine Coon Cats

** If you also want to register your 15 year olds or older Maine Coons in the Methusalah section then look here

If you have a picture to add, which meets one of the criteria above, please email it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Pictures of Maine Coon Cats 15 years or older 

Maine Coons, 15+ and older

[if your cat has passed away please send us the date of its passing]


Alberlee Nimitz, Born 1997 / * 2013
Åsly, Lucky Buzz av, Born 2002
Asselies Pimpinell, Born 1998
Baslatan Beautiful-Kidogo, Born 1997
Benke, Born 1994
Capecoon Chumani, Born 1990
Capecoon Glenlivet of Sarajen, Born 1990 /*2007
Caprix Blue Bogart, Born 1991 /*2008
Caprix Bramble, Born 1988 /* 2008
Caprix Creme Caramel, Born 1991 /*2007
Caprix Roxanne, Born 1990 /*2006
Cessely, Arlene of, Born 1996
Charming Coon Kerry, Born 2000
Charming Coon This Is It!, Born 1996
Coon Garden, Diana van, Born 1996 /*2011
Coonoquan My Summer Surprise, Born 1995
Coonyham Rhainnon, Born 1991 /*2008
Coonyham Simonida, Born 1998 /*2016
Geoffrey's Manor, Alina-Rina of, Born 1992 /*2009
Geoffrey's Manor, Archie Earl of, Born 1992
Jubob Orion Macfarlane, Born 1987
Kitty-Up Starbuck, Born 1996
Le Beau Minu Sinbad, Born 1985
Mainewalk Demi, Born 2003
Mainly Santana, Born 1989
Mooncoon Alabama, Born 1993 /*2010
Mooncoon Alaska, Born 1993

Neami's Luanne's Gilbert, Born 1989 /*2007
Neami's Luanne's Sullivan, Born 1989 /*2004
Opel-Dienst, Lee v., Born 1996 /*2013
Opel-Dienst, Siegfried.II v., Born 1996 /*2011
PatchworkDisney, Born 1986 /*2004
Patchwork Gambit, Born 1992
Patchwork Silver Barbarella, Born 1989 /*2004
Patchwork Trapper, Born 1990 /*2008
Primeacat Honey B., Born 1992 /*2007
Prispurr Blues in the Night, Born 1991
Schindetal Charmeur, Born 1991 /*2007
Schindetal, Larry v., Born 1986
Silvercoon Hilly Billy Jean, Born 1992
Shanna's Blue Thonder , Born 1991
Snobbrännans Zussi Lou , Born 1993
St.John Georgia Peach, Born 1994 / *2010
Stormsong Cruiser the Kidncoon, Born 1994 / *2010
Sunny Surprises Ki'Ushapo, Born 1998
Tabbytufts Baxter, Born 1994
Terrificats Micaela, Born 1999
The Dorsai Grey Captain, Born 1992 /*2009
The Dorsai Tanista, Born 1993
The Dorsai Moonsinger, Born 1994 /*2011
The Nice, Geoffrey Cat of, Born 1991 /* 2007
Thunderpaws Turtle Soup, Born 1998
Ylletrollets Jumbolina, Born 1993

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