We are always in search of old photographs and picuters of the Maine Coon
around the change of century/beginning of 1900. 
Please share them with us if you have any...

Leo, Maine Cat, 1884-1901


"Leo," brown tabby, born 1884, died 1901; presented to Mrs. Persis Bodwell Martin, of Augusta, Maine, by Mrs. E. R. Pierce, when he was six months old. He lived a life of luxury and ease, having his meals served by his mistress's own hand in the upper hall, where he chose to spend his time for the later years of his life. Regarding to his type he was competitive to  any thoroughbred brown tabby - first, colour of muzzle, length of nose, size and shape of eyes, breadth of forehead, size of ears, length of hair in the ears, and on the head. In body markings "Leo" would fall off, as his hair was so extremely long that the markings became somewhat confused.

[quote from The Book of the Cat]


King Max, 1895

KingMax geb1895

"King Max" - first brought out by Mrs. Taylor - won in Boston first in 1897-98 99, only to be beaten by his sire "Donald" in 1900.

[quote from The Book of the Cat]


Martha, daughter of King Max

martha dochtervanmax

Breeder: Mrs. E.R. Taylor
Owner: Mrs. W.M.Chapman
Littered April 1898
Black and white bib and paws, Orange eyes
By King Max x Olive

[quote from USR Studbook of 1906]



Cosey, BIS-winner in 1895

cosey BIS1895

One of the gems that have shown out with more or less brilliancy when on the bench we find "Cosie,'' a brown tabby, taking first and special for the best cat in the show in New York, 1895.

[quote from The Book of the Cat]


Swampscott, 1900

Swampscott gebRond1900

A fair representative of the whites, who has acquitted himself well at the various shows in competition with large classes, is "Swampscott,'' owned by Mrs. F. E. Smith, of Chicago. He comes from Mrs. Georgia Thomas's white cats at Camden, Maine, His maternal great-grandsire is coming from France. His great-great-grandfather was brought to Rockport, Maine, from France ; he was a blue-eyed white.

[quote from The Book of the Cat]



Tobey, a Maine Trick Cat


This could be the earliest existing picture of the Maine Coon? Dating from 1903, it is believed to be a red and white. 100 years later the type has changed but this is still 100% Maine Coon.

The photo of 'Tobey' from F. Simpson's book clearly shows his white lynx tips as present but not overlong. The frills, though, have always been lovely. The snowshoe fur padding has always been present but, since foundation Maines actually walk around outside in Maine, going about their cat lives, the snowshoes get worn down. You did not ask about ruffs and this is a good paragraph to mention that ruffs in the wild are perhaps longer, due to survival needs.

[quote from the interview with Beth Kus]



Blue Danube


Blue Danube bred by F.R. Pierse writer of "About Maine Coons in 1903" in book of the cats of Francis Simpson's



Yellow H


We hope to find some info about Yellow H in time





Snowball, a Maine Coon from a farm in Maine. Born 1942. Owner Karen Jacobus's Grandmother




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