Building a Catrun Picture

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Fresh air and daylight is important for the health and wellbeing of both humans and animals. But just letting a cat out to run free outdoors is a very risky thing to do! Depending on where you live, the risks for your cat range from being hit by a car - your own included - or being accidently locked up in a neighbour's garage or being injured by someone who dislikes cats to being killed or injured by other animals - foxes, lynx, other cats, carnivore birds. If you have a cat that is not yet injured, you have to add the risks of accidental matings, diseases being transmitted at matings, and in case of a male that the cat is chased away by other entire males. The average lifespan of an entire male who is allowed to roam free has been shown to be less than two years!

So what are then our alternatives here? One option is to walk your cat on a leash every day. That usually works very well if you have one cat only. Cats easily learn to wear a harness and to be on a leash.

If you have several cats, or if your cat wants to be outdoors more than you have the time to give him, you had better build a catrun for your cats. A safe enclosure, that will allow your cats to be outdoors when they want to, without any added risks to the cat's life.

Here you can see pictures of how a catrun was built. We plan to add pictures of other types of catruns as well eventually. We hope these pictures will inspire you and give you ideas to build a catrun that suits you, your house, and your cats!

Ylletrollet's catruns in Sweden
Silveronyx's catruns and enclosed balcony in Sweden
Honeysuckle's catruns and studhouse in Sweden
Flying Eagle's catrun in Sweden
E. Spakman's catrun in the Netherlands
Arioska's catrun in Switzerland