Genetics Picture

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Why is one supposed to learn all this? After all, it is a hobby, not a profession!

In order to be able to breed in a good way one needs to know some genetics. And yes, cat breeding is "only a hobby", but that doesn't change the fact that genetic knowledge is needed, hobby or not. The breeds and with that the cats can be harmed, both in short and long term, if breeding is done in an inappropriate way. It is of course not ethically justifiable to harm cats just because of lack of knowledge. So if one doesn't have the time or interest in learning this, then one shouldn't breed cats. You can always show cats, and have fun with your cats in other ways!

Here you will get some basic knowledge on the subject. But we do recommend you to learn more on your own, by reading the recommended literature and other books related to the subject, or by going to lectures when an opportunity arises.