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Hip Dysplasia - HD

When one hears about hip dysplasia most people think of dogs, but the problem exists also among cats. Hip dysplasia is a hereditary defect in the pelvic capsule making it not as deep as it normally is. This causes the hip capsule not exactly fit into the pelvic capsule and the surfaces start starts to grind against each other. This might cause pain when the cat is moving. Cats are very good at hiding pain and can suffer from their HD even though they are not limping. Instead they might move a little bit calmer or less and avoids high jumps. Cats with mild HD don't have to have any complications.

HD in cats is believed to be inherited polygenetic recessive, which means that two HD-free cats together can have offspring with HD. Two cats with HD might have HD-free kittens, but the chances for normal hips are of course better if the parents have good hips.