FAQ for the HCM Health Programme

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What is the timeframe for results to be published in PawPeds?

Results registered in the health programme are published in the Health registry minimum 60 days after the examination date.

In order to simplify the registration of the HCM results and to process them according to the rules set up by the Health Committee, these will only be updated once a month, around the 1st.

Why is it taking them so long to enter my cat's result?

Some results require verification of the diagnosis due to e.g. high values of IVSd and/or LVFWd (more info is found here). Further, some of the info on the form is missing and needs to be cleared with the veterinarian. These are two examples of the things that may cause a delay in the publication of the result.

Why are results not published online on PawPeds?

Sometimes results cannot be registered and therefore not published on PawPeds because:

  • quite often due to lack of signature from the owner of the cat
  • the screening vet is not one of the participating vets in the Health programme
  • the registrar did not receive the results from the vet or the vet sends in results too long after the examination date.

We urge breeders/cat owners who want their cats' results regisetred and published in PawPeds, to remember to check that everything is correctly filled out in the HCM form before you leave your vet's clinic. The best way to remember to sign the result, is to simply sign the result before you leave home with your cats.

We also encourage people to fill out the form on the computer before printing it out and to take it with you to the vet already completed and signed, so the vet will only have to fill in his part of the form. This will make the registration work a lot easier and avoids errors in names, birthdates etc., since handwriting can sometimes be difficult to read.

If your result is not online on PawPeds approximately 4 months after the examination (taking into account the 60 days waiting period, the time needed for the vets to send in results and the time needed for the registrar to enter results), please send a scanned copy via email to the registrar. The registrar can then check for a possible cause why the result is not published.

Why does my cat's result get a remark about ID not verified?

The Health Committee of Maine Coon-katten has set up guidelines for the registrar in cases where information is not completed in the form. If the vet has not crossed the box for ID verfication, we cannot know if the vet in fact did check the cat's ID or not. Another possible cause is that the cat does not have an ID chip or tattoo. So in the registry the result will be registered with "ID not verified".

Why does my cat's result get a remark about a selected result, sent in later?

This remark is entered by the registrar when the owner sent in the result for registration after the exam has taken place, sometimes years later, or after a vet has joined the Health programme after he's done the screening. It is also added when the owner has signed the result some time after the vet did the examination, even if the vet sends the result in to the registrar. The remark will also be added if the owner did not sign the result and then later on sends the result for registration or if the form used for the HCM examination is not on our form. To sum it up, it is basically a remark for results that have not been performed according to the guidelines of the Health programme.

Please note that as from January 2008 we also will introduce a guideline that results sent in by vets later than 3 months after the examination (based on the rule about 60 days delay before results become public) will also get this remark.