Contacts for the HCM Health Programme

English Swedish

If you have any questions regarding the health programme against HCM you are very welcome to contact one of us:

Malin Sundqvist (Swedish, English)
Phone: +46 (0)70 773 86 56

Debbie Sprenger (Dutch, English)

Cindy van den Berg (Dutch, English, some German)
Phone: +31 6 48 31 28 53

Ulrika Olsson (Swedish, English)
Phone: 0243 23 02 86 (phone only for Sweden, please, from other countries email is better)

Misha Peersmans (Dutch, English, French, some German)
Phone: +32 (0) 64 74 25 69

Åsa Ohlsson (Swedish, English)
Phone: +46 (0)73 624 24 31

How to send in results

Please, note that when a cat has an ultrasound examination done within the health programme with the correct form, the vet who performed the examination will send in a copy of the result to PawPeds.

The necropsy part of the health programme is unfortunately not all that developed yet. We have only one pathologist participating so far, Erika Karlstam in Sweden. We are working to find some well qualified pathologists in other countries to participate. For the time being we decide on a case to case basis which results we can publish and which we had better not publish. They will all be registered though, as long as they clearly state if the cat was free of HCM, definitely had HCM, or was an equivocal case from a pathology point of view. And of course the pathologist's name and address should be given, and the result should be signed by the pathologist. We prefer to have such copies sent on paper by ordinary mail.

DNA results which were sent to you by email from the lab you can also send by email to us. If you got the result on paper however, we prefer to have the copy on paper and sent by ordinary mail.

For addresses, see below!

Ultrasound and necropsy results (if for some reason it has not been sent in by the specialist or got lost somehow), DNA test results for both Maine Coons and Ragdolls:

c/o Olsson
Ängsmyrvägen 1, Bäsna
SE-781 95  Borlänge