Minoes van het Speelsebos, F, MCO ns 09, NL/NLInbreeding = 0.0%
Smokey Joe Child of Maine, MCO ns, NL/-
Islandcats Kentucky Blue of Kassaro, MCO a, 2001-01-15, US/GB
RW-SGC Islandcats Big Time Blues, MCO a, 1997-06-29, US/US
QGC Islandcats Smokin' Ice, MCO ns, 1995-06-25, US/-
CH Islandcats Dream Catcher, MCO fs 23, 1995-12-18, US/US
CH Islandcats Little Sister, MCO g 23, 1995-11-12, US/US
CH Islandcats Steely Dan, MCO a, 1994-03-19, US/US
TGC Salemcoon Firebird of Islandcats, MCO f 23, 1993-11-16, US/US
Lovelyness Oprah Winfrey, MCO ns, 1999-05-29, BE/NL
CH Willowplace Moonwalker of Lovelyness, MCO ns, 1997-11-07, US/BE
IW-SGC Willowplace Jubilation of Winfield, MCO ns 22, 1996-01-02, US/US
TGC Willowplace Witches Brew, MCO n 22, 1990-04-19, US/US
Lovelyness Midnight Angel, MCO n, 1998-06-23, BE/BE
GEC Willowplace Tomahawk of Racoone, MCO a 22, 1997-04-22, US/BE
Hillside Riverdance, MCO n 22, 1997-03-14, CA/BE
Bakerstreet Precious, MCO ns 09, NL/NL
Mr. Eisman of Witch Valley, MCO as 09, 2003-01-17, DE/NL
SaskaKhan Nemesis, MCO n 09 23, 1997-02-09, DE/DE
IC Coonmora Red Flash of SaskaKhan, MCO d 09 22, 1995-03-31, US/DE
MtKittery Towanda of SaskaKhan, MCO n 23, 1995-08-22, US/DE
Clawfinger Arkadia of Witch Valley, MCO fs 09, DE/DE
CH Silent Hunter Booker of William's Road, MCO ns, 1998-12-12, DE/DE
IC Bella Samta Shari, MCO fs 09, 1998-11-11, DE/NL
CH Bakerstreet Belle, MCO ns 09, 2000-12-23, NL/NL
EC Fortunata Own Fairytail, MCO as 09, 1999-04-01, NL/NL
IC Bella Samta Tibor, MCO ds 09 22, 1997-11-10, DE/NL
GIC Bella Samta Dolly Blue, MCO a, 1995-07-07, DE/NL
Amber Witsjok, MCO n 09 22, 1999-05-21, NL/NL
CH Don Ficaro Witsjok, MCO n 09 23, 1995-11-10, NL/NL
Merril van Coon Garden, MCO w 62, NL/NL

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.