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GIC Shimasu's New York Minute, M, SIA n, 1996-09-29, US/US
Printer Friendly | Generations: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 | Inbreeding = 0.0% | Test mate
Inbreeding calculated based on 30 ancestors (30 unique) of 30 possible, 4 complete generations out of 4
GC, RW Sandollar Raffles of Shimasu, DM, SIA n, 1994-07-08, us/US
Sandollar Blue Money, DM, SIA a, 1992-10-30, US/US
CH Silmara's Yankee Jazz Man, SIA n, 1990-06-06, US/US
GC, NW San-Toi's Yankee Doodle Dandy of Elsk, DM, SIA n, 1989-02-23, US/US
CH Chesboro Barbara Ann of Silmara, SIA n, 1988-10-10, US/US
GC Goldcrown Blu-Ku Bucks of Sandollar, DM, SIA a, 1990-09-24, US/US
RW, GC Waltur's Stanley of Goldcrown, SIA a, 1987-11-28, US/US
Shosan's Cricket of Goldcrown, DM, SIA n, 1988-01-12, US/US
CH Kaluamoa Kauai Alakoko of Sandollar, SIA n, 1993-07-30
GC San-Toi's Shaman of Kaluamoa, SIA n, 1988-02-18
GC, RW Nefrtt's Cavalier Dreams of Terlin, SIA n, 1987-02-14, US/US
GC San-Toi's Keepsake, DM, SIA n, 1984-11-13, US/US
CH Pysabs Ace-O'-Hearts of Kaluamoa, SIA n, 1989-03-26
GC Tan-Tara's Calypso Dancer of Kamu, SIA n, 1987-07-03, US/US
CH Gotier's Garcelle Mokare Jazz, SIA n, 1987-09-05
GC Shimasu's Jessalyn, DM, SIA n, 1995-12-01, US/US
GC Coriander Eddington of Shimasu, DM, SIA n, 1987-05-10, US/US
Coriander Cedric, SIA n, 1984-03-15, US/US
CH Wa-La Candy Man of Czebotar, SIA b, 1978-11-11, US/US
Coriander Kari, SIA n, 1982-03-14, US/US
GC Printer Cyra of Coriander, SIA n, 1985-06-15, US/US
CH Susan's Finvana of Printer, SIA n, 1979-08-24, US/US
GC Susan's Presidential Seal of Printer, SIA n, 1980-05-14, US/US
Shimasu's Khara, DM, SIA c, 1993-04-24, US/US
Klahaun Drexler, SIA n, 1992-04-26, US/US
CH San-Toi's Mojave of Samcari, SIA n, 1990-11-16, US/US
Klahaun Olivia, SIA c, 1991-02-03
Shimasu's Kensington, DM, SIA a, 1990-06-17, US/US
Shimasu's Korey, SIA n, 1989-02-01
Shimasu's Kaprice, SIA a, 1988-04-06, US/US

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.