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CH Felitan Supersealia, F, SIA n, 1995-08-14, US/US
Printer Friendly | Generations: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 | Inbreeding = 2.34% | Test mate
Inbreeding calculated based on 30 ancestors (28 unique) of 30 possible, 4 complete generations out of 4
CH Chinacat Yankee Drummer Boy of Myfun, SIA n, 1992-10-05, US/US
CH Skan Prelude of Myfun, SIA n, 1990-05-06, US/US
GC, NW San-Toi's Legend of Skan, DM, SIA n, 1987-06-26, US/US
GC, RW Waltur's Koi-Boi, DM, SIA a, 1982-01-18, US/US
GC San-Toi's Keepsake, DM, SIA n, 1984-11-13, US/US
CH Skan Cambria, SIA n, 1989-01-26, US/US
CH Printer Vignette of Skan, SIA a, 1984-01-10, US/-
CH Skan Chehalis, SIA n, 1987-03-27, US/US
GC Ichibon Annabell of Chinacat, SIA a, 1990-04-25, US/US
GP & GC San-Toi's Wicker of MyFun, SIA a, 1987-09-05, US/US
CH Singa Ballad of San-Toi, DM, SIA n, 1976-04-30, US/US
GC San-Toi's Am I Blue of Lilliput, SIA a, 1983-09-06, US/US
PR Myfun Periwinkle of Ichibon, SIA a, 1989-02-14
CH Shosan's Nicholas of MyFun, SIA n, 1988-01-12
CH Mymese Sandalwood of MyFun, SIA b, 1987-04-27, US/US
Su-Su's Bluescilla of Felitan, SIA a, 1992-06-16
Su-Su's Caleb, SIA n, 1989-09-08, US/US
CH Skan NeverEnding Story of Pegela, SIA n, 1988-07-14, US/US
GC, NW San-Toi's Legend of Skan, DM, SIA n, 1987-06-26, US/US
CH Skan Chehalis, SIA n, 1987-03-27, US/US
CH Su-Su's Krista, SIA c, 1987-07-07
CH Su-Su's Zodiac, SIA c, 1985-03-09
GC Su-Su's Moon Eyes, SIA a, 1985-09-19
Su-Su's Laura, SIA a, US/US
GC Misirlu Merlin of Su-Su, SIA a, 1983-11-27, US/US
GC Singa Ty-Son of Thaibok, SIA a, 1982-03-08, US/US
CH Misirlu Megali, SIA n, 1981-11-14, US/US
CH Su-Su's Medora, SIA b, 1983-05-12, US/US
Su-Su's Jeremiah, SIA b, 1982-06-09, US/US
CH Su-Su's Venus Faying, SIA b, 1981-07-12, US/US

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.