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GC (CFA) Heartbeeps Panama Jack of Wynterwynd, DM, M, RUS a, 1997-08-22, US/US
Printer Friendly | Generations: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 | Inbreeding = 0.0% | Test mate
Inbreeding calculated based on 30 ancestors (29 unique) of 30 possible, 4 complete generations out of 4
GC (CFA), RW Azurski's Wild Blue Yonder, DM, RUS a, 1988-10-10, -/US
GC Katstarz Ashby of Azurski, RUS a, 1987-05-11
GC Katstarz Alympian of Tsar Blu, DM, RUS a, 1984-07-27
GC Les Joy's Vanadium, RUS a, 1975-04-04
GC Tsar Blu's Zouthrn Bell of Katstarz, RUS a, 1983-05-07, US/-
GC Tsar Blu's Zouthrn Bell of Katstarz, RUS a, 1983-05-07, US/-
GC Tsar Blu's Zorian Grey, RUS a, 1977-02-01, US/-
GC Tsar Blu's Zarla, DM, RUS a, 1981-05-31, US/-
GC Wynterwynd Resolution of Azurski, DM, RUS a, 1985-01-01, US/-
GC Suntar's Aces High, RUS a, 1978-01-31
GC, NW Tsar Blu's Fitzwilliam of Velva, RUS a, 1975-10-28, US/-
CH Sahara's Pascha Dobrovnya, DM, RUS a, 1973-09-11
GC Ikon Love 'n Kisses, DM, RUS a, 1978-03-26
CH Ikon Vodyanoy, RUS a, 1975-02-24
CH Bluefish Blanche du Bois, RUS a, 1975-05-26
CH (CFA) Heartbeeps Pina Colada, DM, RUS a, 1994-05-24, US/-
GC, RW Heartbeeps Davey Jones of Jontue, RUS a, 1991-04-14, US/-
GC (CFA) Heartbeeps Shiver Me Timbers, DM, RUS a, 1987-07-15, US/-
GC, RW Nuance's Viva Murray, RUS a, 1986-05-26
CH Heartbeeps Ladyhawke, RUS a, 1986-01-05, US/-
GC Nuance's Morning's Fragrant Essence, RUS a, 1986-03-25
GC Nuance's Andrew Jackson of Aureus, RUS a, 1984-07-16
CH Nuance's Megan Genteel, RUS a, 1984-12-25
CH Mavorning's Foxy Silver Lady, RUS a, 1991-08-20
GC, GP, RW Roxanastasia Legacy II, RUS a, 1987-02-02
GC Nordic Legacy of Roxanastasia, RUS a, 1985-08-26
CH Roushka Roxanne of Roxanastasia, RUS a, 1985-04-24
Friday's Chanel No 501 of Mavorning, RUS a, 1990-07-23
GC, NW Friday's Electra Glide in Blue, DM, RUS a, 1988-08-01
GC Friday's Detente, RUS a, 1987-06-12

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.