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GC Ichibon Annabell of Chinacat, F, SIA a, 1990-04-25, US/US
Printer Friendly | Generations: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 | Inbreeding = 0.0% | Test mate
Inbreeding calculated based on 30 ancestors (29 unique) of 30 possible, 4 complete generations out of 4
GP & GC San-Toi's Wicker of MyFun, SIA a, 1987-09-05, US/US
CH Singa Ballad of San-Toi, DM, SIA n, 1976-04-30, US/US
CH Singa Maestro, SIA n, 1971-12-10, US/US
PR & CH Lymekilns Lochinvar of Thaibok, SIA n, 1970-05-16, GB/US
CH Singa Symphonette, SIA n, 1969-01-13, US/US
CH Singa Soubrette, SIA c, 1974-05-25, US/US
GC Singa Blue Minstrel, DM, SIA a, 1972-05-20, US/US
CH Singa Madrigal, SIA b, 1971-01-24, US/US
GC San-Toi's Am I Blue of Lilliput, SIA a, 1983-09-06, US/US
GC, RW Waltur's Koi-Boi, DM, SIA a, 1982-01-18, US/US
CH Singa Ballad of San-Toi, DM, SIA n, 1976-04-30, US/US
GC Waltur's Koibito, SIA a, 1979-09-25, US/US
GC San-Toi's Blue Horizon, DM, SIA a, 1981-04-29, US/US
CH Angkor Rose Li'l Snoopy of Catapaw, SIA n, 1979-01-06, CA/US
San-Toi's Act One, SIA c, US/US
PR Myfun Periwinkle of Ichibon, SIA a, 1989-02-14
CH Shosan's Nicholas of MyFun, SIA n, 1988-01-12
CH San-Toi's Yoda (M #1) of Shosan, SIA a, 1982-04-09, US/US
GC Venusberg Fritz of San-Toi, SIA b, 1980-08-22, US/US
CH San-Toi's Thisbe, SIA a, 1981-03-05, US/US
Dahin Daneta of Shosan, SIA n, 1983-08-11, US/US
Dahin Danby of Blue Sapphire, SIA n, 1982-06-20, US/US
LaLinda's Dalarna of Dahin, SIA n, 1981-04-16, US/US
CH Mymese Sandalwood of MyFun, SIA b, 1987-04-27, US/US
CH Felitan Solo, SIA n, 1982-04-18, US/US
CH Felitan Eddypuss, SIA n, 1981-01-16, US/US
Petmark Zohra of Felitan, SIA n, 1980-01-17, US/US
CH Sand N' Sea Gretchen, SIA b, 1983-02-16, US/US
DbCH Sand N' Sea Reprise of TLu, SIA b, 1980-06-03, US/US
CH Sand N' Sea Sachet of Silvern, SIA c, 1979-02-01, US/US

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.