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GC Roxanastasia's Svetlana, F, RUS a, 1989-06-20
Printer Friendly | Generations: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 | Inbreeding = 0.781% | Test mate
Inbreeding calculated based on 30 ancestors (29 unique) of 30 possible, 4 complete generations out of 4
GC, GP, RW Roxanastasia Legacy II, RUS a, 1987-02-02
GC Nordic Legacy of Roxanastasia, RUS a, 1985-08-26
CH Aegean Rocky II, RUS a, 1983-02-21
CH Sherborn Silver Graham, RUS a, 1980-06-15
Sa-Phy Stardust of Nordic, RUS a, 1981-08-21
CH Nordic Blue Spark, RUS a, 1983-04-01
GC Nordic Blue Chip, RUS a, 1977-10-23
GC Three Crown Emerald Borealis, RUS a, 1978-03-24
CH Roushka Roxanne of Roxanastasia, RUS a, 1985-04-24
GC, RW Roushka Casey At The Bat, RUS a, 1978-07-24
GC, RW Hy-Line's Dr. Zhivago of Tsar Blu, DM, RUS a, 1973-05-29
GC, RW Lov'n Blu's Ksenia of Roushka, DM, RUS a, 1975-07-08
CH Hoveldt Szarina of Roushka, RUS a, 1983-06-09
GC, NW Jontue's Rhythm and Blues of Casein, DM, RUS a, 1980-04-01
Roushka Boshjimca, RUS a
CH Kaybill's Stardust of Roxanastasia, RUS a, 1988-02-05
GC Heartbeeps Pegleg Pete of Kaybill, RUS a, 1984-10-16, US/-
GC Sarmarkan's Nicholas, RUS a, 1983-03-18
GC Lov'n Blu's Buster Blu of Vale, RUS a, 1979-03-23
CH Tsarista's Natalia of Sarmarkan, RUS a
GC Tsarista's Tiffany of Heartbeeps, RUS a, 1982-04-26
GC, NW Jontue's Rhythm and Blues of Casein, DM, RUS a, 1980-04-01
CH Velva's Tatiana of Tsarista, RUS a, 1980-12-13
CH Kaybill's Blue Nun, RUS a, 1984-12-10
CH Jontue's Bluegrass of Kaybill, RUS a, 1987-07-04
GC Jontue's Blue Danube, RUS a, 1978-04-08
GC Silver Acres Re-Run, RUS a, 1978-05-12
CH Kaybill's Ivanovna, RUS a, 1983-09-11
CH Ivan the Terrible of Kaybill, RUS a
CH Sa-Phy's Tallie-Ho of Kaybill, RUS a

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.