CH Hot Maylove Beverly, F, MCO ns, 1996-03-27, DE/DEInbreeding = 0.0%
GIC Guldfakse Ottawa, MCO ns 22, 1994-06-29, DK/DE
GIC MtKittery Bemis, DM, MCO a 22, 1992-07-09, US/DK
CH Maineline Cynthia, MCO ns 22, 1989-12-02, US/DK
IC Monashees Show Girl, MCO f, 1993-08-05, DE/DE
GEC Willowplace Red Sails In The Sunset, MCO d 22, 1992-08-06, US/DE
CH Willowplace Evening Star, MCO n, 1992-02-16, US/DE

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.