Hillside Belle Epoque, F, MCO a 22, 1985-01-15, CA/CAInbreeding = 0.0%
Rokote Indigo of Hillside, MCO a, 1980-07-13, US/CA
PR Rokote Nicholas, MCO e, 1979-04-07, US/US
CH Pa-Gar Telli of Rokote, MCO a, 1975-02-14, US/US
CH Pa-Gar Faro P., MCO n 22, US/-
Whittemore Blue Angel of Pa-Gar, MCO g, 1969-09-07, US/-
Orchard Princess of Rokote, MCO g 09 21
CH Orchard Mr Astaire, MCO n 09 23, 1975-04-18
Norwynde Tobi of Orchard, MCO f 21, 1973-09-23, US/-
Stonehill Faith of Rokote, MCO a, 1977-03-20, US/US
CH Stonehill Caleb, MCO a
Pearson George of Stonehill, MCO ns 23
Norwynde Inki of Stonehill, MCO n, US/-
CH Stonehill Ruthann, MCO a
Pearson Tarbaby Esau, MCO n, 1972-04-15
Norwynde Margie of Stonehill, MCO a 09 21, US/US
CH Charmalot Bluegrass of Hillside, MCO a 22, 1983-01-01, US/CA
TGC Heidi Ho Richard III of Charmalot, OS, MCO n 22, 1981-06-11, US/US
CH Heidi Ho Sonkey Bill, MCO ns 23, 1978-01-21, US/US
GC Heidi Ho Henry Sayward, MCO ns 23, 1970-12-26, US/US
CH Heidi Ho Henrietta Katt, MCO ns 23, 1976-06-03, US/US
CH Tanstaafl Polly Adeline of Heidi Ho, MCO n 22, 1977-11-05, US/US
CH Nantiss Ian McTabby of Tanstaafl, MCO n 23, 1975-01-28
CH Melchizedek Susie Q of Tanstaafl, MCO n 22, 1975-08-26, US/US
CH Charmalot Bluesette, OD, MCO a 22, 1980-01-08, US/US
SGC Spavinaw Blu-Macks of Calicoon, MCO a 23, 1978-08-30, US/US
DGC Cacomistle Rocky Raccoon of Calicoon, MCO n 09 23, 1975-03-07, US/US
Velvet Hollow Lianna, MCO a 22, 1977-05-28, US/US
CH The Maine Place Bastet of Charmalot, MCO a 22, 1978-10-22, US/US
QGC Tanstaafl Isaiah of The Maine Place, MCO n 22, 1976-11-20, US/US
QGC Sundar Tabigail of The Maine Place, MCO n 22, 1975-04-08, US/US

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.