Mrs Cloudys Pride Snowflake, F, SPH w 62, 2008-12-31Inbreeding = 0.0%
Bemisu Lord Bigglesworth, SPH d 09 22, 2003-08-23, US/NL
Majikcats Mythical Logic, SPH n, 2001-05-25, US/US
Draven Abraxis of Majikcats, SPH a 09, 1999-04-17, US/US
Angelfire Circe Ravenwolf, SPH f, 1999-03-31, US/-
QGC Kittypen Stella Luna of Bemisu, SPH f 09, 1999-10-19
RW SGC Kitnhuyse Moses, SPH d 09, 1996-07-14
Kittypen Unique Nacida, SPH g 09, 1997-09-02
GEC Mrs Cloudys Pride Philomene, SPH w, NL/-
GEC Cloud Dancer off Eagles Nest, SPH n 09, -/NL
GIC Pony Warrior off Eagles Nest, SPH a, BE/BE
Shaird Able Mable, SPH f 09 21
GEC Miki Sanukis Pina Colada, SPH w 62, 2000-06-12, NL/NL
Yorklyn Schwarzkopf, SPH n, 1997-07-01
Flyingcats Daisy of Miki Sanukis, SPH w 62, 1999-03-21, US/NL

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.