Miss Cara from Indira, F, SPH b 33, 2011-11-21Inbreeding = 0.0%
IC Tiesto de Pallieter, SPH n 33, 2006-09-22, BE/BE
Anubis de Pallieter, SPH n, 2005-07-14
Sarandys Bibbabinouch, SPH n 23, 2004-06-09
Miss Cookie from Indira, SPH c 33, 2009-08-05, BE/BE
Voila Grayson van Anubis, SPH a 32, BE/-
CH New Taj Mahal Bueen Chokotoff, SPH b, 2006-03-17, FR/BE

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.