Rihanna Queenofthecoon, F, MCO f 09 22, IT/ITInbreeding = 3.12%
Csák's Coon Villo, MCO d 22, 2005-04-11, HU/IT
Guitars Grabovszky of Fõnixcoon, MCO n 21, 2002-12-19, US/HU
IW-SGC Celticpride Irishchase Shirespoint, MCO n 22, 2001-01-01, US/US
Cooncreole Ciaran of Celticpride, MCO n 22, 1999-12-20, US/US
Tayaway Eilisha of Willowplace, MCO f 22, 1999-11-02, US/US
Mysticoon Tucker of Megacoon, MCO fs 22, 2001-07-24, US/US
RW-SGC Mysticoon O'Hara, MCO d 09 22, 1999-11-25, US/US
CH Mainiac Christabel of Mysticoon, MCO ns 22, 1999-06-22, US/US
CH Willowplace Merry of Csák's Coon, MCO f 22, 2001-08-29, US/HU
Tabbyskins Santa Fe of Willowplace, MCO ds 22, 1999-08-14, US/US
CH Maycoons Madawaska of Tabbyskins, MCO n 23, 1997-11-07, US/US
Illya Honeysuckle Rose, MCO ds 22, 1995-06-01, US/US
CH Willowplace Magnificent Maude, MCO n 22, 2000-04-23, US/US
Willowplace Shenandoah, MCO n 09 23, 1998-07-12, US/US
Willowplace Spellcaster, MCO n 22, 1997-11-07, US/US
Blue Forest Lullaby, MCO w, IT/IT
EC Hercules, MCO w, IT/IT
Gandalf Della Quercia, MCO w 62, IT/IT
CH King of Lion's A-White Panther, MCO w 62, DE/IT
Clorin del Fiore Selvaggio, MCO n 09 22, IT/IT
Ginny del Fiore Selvaggio, MCO n 22, IT/IT
IC Angtini Vincent, MCO ns 23, US/IT
Angtini Molly B, MCO n 22, US/IT
CH Felix Coon Kelly of the Magic Forest, MCO n 09 22, IT/IT
DGC Csák's Coon A Black Boy, MCO n 09, 2002-09-11, HU/-
GIC McKittycreek Reddy of Csák's Coon, MCO d 09 22, 1998-05-27, US/HU
CH Willowplace Merry of Csák's Coon, MCO f 22, 2001-08-29, US/HU
GIC Felix Coon Giselle, MCO ns 23, IT/IT
IC Eros del Fiore Selvaggio, MCO ns 23, IT/IT
IC Duchessa del Fiore Selvaggio, MCO n 22, IT/IT

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.