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Offspring of LA-SGC LAPD Kid Rock, M, MCO n 23, 1/15/08, US/US12 offspring
RW-SGC LAPD Booty CallFMCO f 09 224/11/10US/US 5 offspring
 LAPD BacardiFMCO n 22US/US 1 offspring
 LAPD Androstenone of ChemicoonsMMCO n 227/26/11US/US 1 offspring
 LAPD Kiss Me Karma of CascadeMtnFMCO n 09 237/26/11US/US No offspring
RW, TGC LAPD Scandalous of WhatatrillMMCO d 09 237/26/11US/US 7 offspring
 LAPD Eric Northman of TelecoonsMMCO d 224/16/12US/US 2 offspring
RW SGC Whatatrill 50 ShadesofOrange, ODFMCO f 096/11/12US/US13 offspring
 LAPD Autumn Blaze of CascadeMtnFMCO f 227/18/13US/US No offspring
RW SGC LAPD Mackie MayhemFMCO n 237/18/13US/US1 offspring
 LAPD Opus OneMMCO d 09 227/18/13US/DE No offspring
IW RW SGC LAPD Sniper, LAMMCO n 226/17/14US/US4 offspring
 LAPD Drogon of Deep SouthMMCO d 09 224/15/15US/US 3 offspring
 Mishikoonz Lolo PFMCO d 09 23 941/31/14US/US 3 offspring
QGC Mishikoonz Morgan PassFMCO f 23 945/12/15US/US 3 offspring
CH Mishikoonz Red Gap PassMMCO d 09 22 945/12/15US/US No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.