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Offspring of Ch. Top Coon Arden, F, MCO g 09, 11/25/08, PL/RU5 offspring
Gr. Int. Ch. Wolf vom ZarenreichMMCO n 2211/4/08DE/RU 6 offspring
 HoneyDevil TalisManMMCO a11/10/09RU/RU 7 offspring
 HoneyDevil TeqillaFMCO f11/10/09RU/RU 2 offspring
 HoneyDevil TerracotMMCO ds 2211/10/09RU/RU 2 offspring
Ch. (WCF) HoneyDevil Tiger-LillyFMCO gs 2211/10/09RU/RU 7 offspring
 HoneyDevil GraffitiFMCO fs 097/27/10RU/RU 4 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.