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Offspring of CH Soulmates Desires First Choice, M, RAG a 03, 9/16/10, US/FI25 offspring
SC Dollicious Sparkling KissesFRAG f11/28/09FI/FI 9 offspring
CH Dollyblues Circle Of LifeFRAG n 0411/16/11FI/- 6 offspring
 Dollyblues Hakuna MatataMRAG e 0411/16/11FI/- No offspring
 Dollyblues King Of RockMRAG d 0411/16/11FI/- No offspring
CH Dollyblues Under The StarsFRAG f 0411/16/11FI/- No offspring
 Wattuwarpaan Laszkert SanelmaFRAG a 037/2/11FI/FI 14 offspring
 Dolldesire's EdwardMRAG a 034/13/13FI/- No offspring
 Dolldesire's ElenaFRAG a 034/13/13FI/- 6 offspring
 Dolldesire's ElvisMRAG a 034/13/13FI/- No offspring
 Dolldesire's EmilMRAG a 034/13/13FI/- No offspring
 Dolldesire's EmilyFRAG a 034/13/13FI/- No offspring
 Dolldesire's EmmaFRAG a 034/13/13FI/- No offspring
 Dolldesire's EmmettMRAG a 034/13/13FI/- No offspring
IC Dollyblues Caramel DreamFRAG f 038/7/11FI/- 12 offspring
 Dollyblues Heart And SoulFRAG a 037/13/13FI/- 4 offspring
 Dollyblues Ocean SoulMRAG e 037/13/13FI/- No offspring
 Dollyblues Soul SisterFRAG n 037/13/13FI/- 5 offspring
 Dollyblues SoulmateMRAG e 037/13/13FI/- No offspring
 Dollyblues Joy Of My LifeFRAG n 035/8/12FI/- 5 offspring
 Dollyblues I'll BeQueen1DayFRAG a 038/12/13FI/- No offspring
 Dollyblues I'll KeepYouSafeFRAG n 038/12/13FI/- 13 offspring
 Dollyblues LoveInTheEyesFRAG n 038/12/13FI/- No offspring
 Dollyblues ThingsIDoForLoveMRAG n 038/12/13FI/- No offspring
 Dollyblues WarriorOfLightMRAG a 038/12/13FI/- No offspring
 Dollyblues Gentle SnowfallFRAG a 0410/5/10FI/FI 9 offspring
 Dolldesire's CasperMRAG a 0310/22/12FI/- No offspring
 Dolldesire's CeasarMRAG a 0410/22/12FI/- No offspring
 Dolldesire's CeciliaFRAG a 0410/22/12FI/- No offspring
 Dolldesire's CiceroMRAG a 0310/22/12FI/- No offspring
 Dolldesire's CosmoMRAG a 0310/22/12FI/- No offspring

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