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Offspring of Sunrunner's Jesstin, M, RAG a 04, 10/20/10, FI/FI19 offspring
 Dollyblues I'll KeepYouSafeFRAG n 038/12/13FI/- 13 offspring
 Wildemar BerliozMRAG a 0412/30/15FI/- No offspring
 Wildemar Charming StarMRAG n 0412/30/15FI/- No offspring
 Wildemar MarieFRAG n 0312/30/15FI/- No offspring
 Wildemar Snow WhiteFRAG a 0312/30/15FI/- 10 offspring
 Wildemar ToulouseMRAG n 0412/30/15FI/- No offspring
 Wildemar Blue VelvetMRAG a 045/10/16FI/- No offspring
 Wildemar Bobby BrownMRAG n 045/10/16FI/- No offspring
 Wildemar GeishaFRAG n 045/10/16FI/- No offspring
 Wildemar Royal CherokeeMRAG a 045/10/16FI/- No offspring
 Wildemar Sugar BubbleMRAG a 035/10/16FI/PL 8 offspring
 Wildemar Ace of HeartsFRAG a 031/7/17FI/- 11 offspring
 Wildemar Jack of ClubsMRAG n 031/7/17FI/- No offspring
 Wildemar King of SpadesMRAG n 041/7/17FI/- No offspring
 Raitamäen AliciaFRAG a5/31/16FI/- 13 offspring
 Wildemar EgotMRAG a6/27/17FI/- No offspring
 Wildemar EmmyFRAG a6/27/17FI/- No offspring
 Wildemar GlobeFRAG a 046/27/17FI/- No offspring
 Wildemar GrammyFRAG a 046/27/17FI/- No offspring
 Wildemar OscarMRAG a 046/27/17FI/- No offspring
 Wildemar TonyMRAG a6/27/17FI/- No offspring

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