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Offspring of CH Dotcom Pablo, M, MCO n 09 22, 2/5/10, CA/NL12 offspring
 Justcoons Koon FettiFMCO fs 092/15/09DE/NL5 offspring
 ConCoonflakes Barefoot BucksMMCO ds 03 222/7/13NL/NLNo offspring
 ConCoonflakes Barefoot FunkyMMCO ds 03 222/7/13NL/IT 8 offspring
 ConCoonflakes Barefoot PosseMMCO ds 03 222/7/13NL/NL No offspring
 ConCoonflakes Barefoot SexyFMCO fs 03 222/7/13NL/NL 3 offspring
 Scarlett CassiopeiaFMCO ds 09 229/4/09NL/NL 2 offspring
 Paris Carver CassiopeiaFMCO fs 09 2211/4/12NL/NL 1 offspring
 Timita's DioneFMCO f 03 228/12/11DK/NL4 offspring
 ConCoonflakes Make love no WarFMCO n 09NL/- 1 offspring
 ConCoonflakes Blow your MindFMCO f 031/26/14NL/NL 2 offspring
 ConCoonflakes Psychedelic TripFMCO f 03 221/26/14NL/IT No offspring
SC DVM Frizzy's Fortune FabianaFMCO f6/11/13NL/NL3 offspring
 Frizzy's Fortune Junko TabeiFMCO n 09 229/29/15NL/NL No offspring
 Frizzy's Fortune Mae JemisonFMCO n 099/29/15NL/NL No offspring
SC JW DVM Frizzy's Fortune Mungo ParkMMCO n 09 229/29/15NL/NL10 offspring
 Sheercats BayamoFMCO f 2211/25/11NL/NL3 offspring
 Coon en Blooms Foxglove FairyMMCO4/23/14NL/-No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.