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Offspring of IP GIC Isgården's Fred Perry, DVM, M, NFO n 09 22, 4/12/10, SE/SE14 offspring
IC Myselisia's HolyannaFNFO n 094/6/10SE/SE9 offspring
 Tassajara's Bir BintangMNFO n 09 222/6/12SE/-1 offspring
WW'12 & IC Tassajara's Canadian, JW, DVMMNFO n 09 222/6/12SE/SE27 offspring
 Tassajara's ChangMNFO n 032/6/12SE/-No offspring
 Tassajara's LavaFNFO n2/6/12SE/-No offspring
GIC Utblicken's TufvaFNFO f 09 249/8/10SE/SE 10 offspring
 Utblicken's Jack SparrowMNFO d 09 2411/11/11SE/- No offspring
 Utblicken's Jalla JallaMNFO d 2211/11/11SE/- No offspring
 Utblicken's JamaicaFNFO a 09 2211/11/11SE/SE10 offspring
 Utblicken's JatzieFNFO n 2411/11/11SE/- No offspring
 Utblicken's Jo-JoFNFO n 09 2211/11/11SE/- No offspring
 Utblicken's Jum JumMNFO d 09 2211/11/11SE/- No offspring
 Utblicken's BrittaFNFO f11/10/09SE/-11 offspring
 Isgården's ArticaFNFO f 09 2211/11/12SE/SE7 offspring
 Isgården's ChaplinMNFO e11/11/12SE/- 4 offspring
 Isgården's IskaFNFO f 0911/11/12SE/SE 1 offspring
 Isgården's Stella PolareFNFO n 09 2211/11/12SE/- No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.