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Offspring of GC Angelbald Purrsuede, F, SPH c, 2006-07-01, BE/BE5 offspring
IC Voila Seventh Heaven van AnubisMSPH n 03 322005-07-08BE/GB22 offspring
 Voila Grayson van AnubisMSPH a 32BE/-7 offspring
 Voila Isha van AnubisFSPH a2008-05-28BE/BE 4 offspring
 Voila Miss Julliette van AnubisFSPH n 09 322008-05-28BE/BE3 offspring
 Voila DJ Lord van AnubisMSPH a 32FI/BE 9 offspring
 Kiki from IndiraFSPH c2009-07-12  2 offspring
 Sterre from IndiraFSPH c 332012-07-09BE/BE 1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.