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Offspring of Magic Lake Polarwolf, M, MCO ns 25, 2009-04-10, DE/DE15 offspring
 Magic Lake Frosty FlameFMCO ds 09 252009-09-15DE/DE1 offspring
 Magic Lake ChumaniFMCO fs 09 252010-06-15DE/DE3 offspring
 Proprius Dr. Cate BanfieldFMCO fs 232009-10-23DK/-4 offspring
 Magic Lake Blue BasicFMCO as 252010-12-19DE/-No offspring
 Magic Lake Sky FlowerFMCO fs 252010-12-19DE/DE7 offspring
 Magic Lake Snow CrystalFMCO ns 252010-12-19DE/AT1 offspring
 Magic Lake Sweet IceFMCO fs 252010-12-19DE/DE3 offspring
 Coonfusion Arielle of OtukamamoanFMCO g 232010-03-23DE/CH8 offspring
 Otukamamoan Una Noche MasFMCO fs 112013-07-08CH/- No offspring
 Otukamamoan Unique Pattern FMCO fs 252013-07-08CH/- No offspring
 Otukamamoan Uno di NoiMMCO ns 252013-07-08CH/- No offspring
 Otukamamoan Unplugged JoyFMCO ns 252013-07-08CH/- No offspring
 Otukamamoan Uspesno MedoMMCO as 252013-07-08CH/CH2 offspring
 Magic Lake ShoshoniFMCO ns 252011-03-11DE/DE9 offspring
 Magic Lake Arctik IceFMCO ns 252013-10-15DE/DE2 offspring
 Magic Lake Laser LightMMCO ns 252013-10-15DE/DE1 offspring
 Magic Lake IcyFMCO fs 252017-06-15DE/DE5 offspring
 Magic Lake NanoukMMCO ns 252018-09-02DE/DENo offspring
 Magic Lake YumanjiMMCO ns 252018-09-02DE/DENo offspring
 Magic Lake ChayaFMCO ns 09 252018-03-15DE/DE2 offspring
 Magic Lake CadychaFMCO ns 09 252020-04-16DE/SENo offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.