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Offspring of IW RW SGC SaraJen Solo of A Nice Moon, M, MCO n, 9/28/08, US/NL25 offspring
 Charming Coon Myrica Gale of A Nice MoonFMCO fs 02 2211/29/02NL/NL21 offspring
 A Nice Moon DabihMMCO n 09 2212/17/09NL/NLNo offspring
 A Nice Moon FurudMMCO d 09 2212/17/09NL/NLNo offspring
 A Nice Moon MarfikMMCO n 03 2212/17/09NL/NLNo offspring
 A Nice Moon MirfakMMCO n 03 2212/17/09NL/NLNo offspring
 A Nice Moon NihalMMCO ns 09 2212/17/09NL/NLNo offspring
 A Nice Moon RastabanMMCO ds 03 2212/17/09NL/NLNo offspring
 A Nice Moon SkatMMCO ns 0912/17/09NL/NLNo offspring
RW TICA Q-GC Kiyaras Frida KahloFMCO f 09 221/17/10DE/DE 6 offspring
 Kiyaras Iron MaidenFMCO n 09 224/9/11DE/DE 5 offspring
 Kiyaras Isadora DuncanFMCO n 094/9/11DE/DE 4 offspring
 Tabula Rasa QueraFMCO d 227/20/08NL/NL20 offspring
 Tormenta Hazy PetisĂșFMCO f 223/14/13NL/NLNo offspring
 Tormenta Hiska PicaFMCO f 223/14/13NL/NLNo offspring
 Tormenta Honey Bee DulceFMCO f 223/14/13NL/NLNo offspring
 Tormenta Hunter QueridoMMCO d 223/14/13NL/NLNo offspring
 Nefertari Nanu of the White WitchFMCO f 095/6/10BE/NL 19 offspring
 Southmoor Red Solid SoloMMCO d8/12/13NL/NL No offspring
 Southmoor Copy CatFMCO f 036/15/14NL/NL 16 offspring
 Southmoor Hypurrr CatFMCO f 6/15/14NL/NL No offspring
 Southmoor Paw Paw Miaw FistoMMCO n6/15/14NL/NL No offspring
 Southmoor Picabo PrettyPussyFMCO f 096/15/14NL/NL 1 offspring
 Southmoor Push the CatFMCO n6/15/14NL/NL No offspring
CH LeatherAndLace Missundaztood PPFMCO f 09 234/4/13NL/NL11 offspring
 LeatherAndLace Baby I'm A Star PPFMCO f 09 9410/17/14NL/NL7 offspring
 LeatherAndLace Controversy PPMMCO n 09 23 9410/17/14NL/NLNo offspring
 LeatherAndLace Little Red CorvetteMMCO d 09 2210/17/14NL/NLNo offspring
 LeatherAndLace Paisley Park PPMMCO d 09 2310/17/14NL/NLNo offspring
 LeatherAndLace Scandalous PPMMCO n 2210/17/14NL/NLNo offspring
 Tropikoons Isis of Tabula RasaFMCO ns 09 221/25/11US/NL7 offspring
CH Tabula Rasa GoldenGun BullitMMCO n 09 227/6/14NL/NL11 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.