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Offspring of Pillowtalk's United Colour, F, MCO f 22, 11/24/05, DE/DE33 offspring
 Kingman of Midnight ColonyMMCO n 225/14/06CZ/DE 9 offspring
 Pillowtalk's LakritzeFMCO n 224/22/07DE/DE 2 offspring
 Pillowtalk's TaccoMMCO n 2211/23/07DE/DE 4 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Toffee FeeFMCO n 2211/23/07DE/PL No offspring
 CoolMotion's Angel-SkyMMCO n7/31/07DE/DE 51 offspring
 Pillowtalk's CowboyMMCO n 22DE/ZA 8 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Fifty StarMMCO n 227/23/07DE/DK 7 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Fair PlayMMCO n 226/28/08DE/DE 13 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Ferrero KissFMCO n 226/28/08DE/DE 13 offspring
CH Pillowtalk's Flash LightMMCO n 226/28/08DE/DE 3 offspring
 Pillowtalk's French KissFMCO f 226/28/08DE/RU 5 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Tara LynnFMCO f 224/26/09DE/DE 14 offspring
 Pillowtalk's TennessuFMCO n 224/26/09DE/RU 1 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Tia MariaFMCO n 224/26/09DE/HU 4 offspring
 Pillowtalk's TiffanyFMCO n 224/26/09DE/DE 15 offspring
 Pillowtalk's TinkerbelleFMCO f 224/26/09DE/RU 4 offspring
 Pillowtalk's TiramizuFMCO n 224/26/09DE/CH 3 offspring
 Pillowtalk's QueenFMCO f 226/16/10DE/RU 11 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Quiet ManMMCO d 226/16/10DE/DE5 offspring
 Pillowtalk's QuiveroMMCO d 226/16/10DE/RU10 offspring
 Pillowtalk's CharivariFMCO f12/3/10DE/DK3 offspring
ICh(WCF) Pillowtalk's Conon Valliant WarriorMMCO n 2212/3/10DE/UA 2 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Calamity JaneFMCO n 223/11/13DE/RU 4 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Casse NoisetteFMCO n 223/11/13DE/AR 1 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Mamma MiaFMCO f 228/26/13DE/DE 6 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Mata HaariFMCO n 228/26/13DE/RU 2 offspring
 Pillowtalk's May Be I'm CrazyFMCO n 228/26/13DE/RU No offspring
 Pillowtalk's Mille FleursFMCO f 228/26/13DE/RU 7 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Velvet RoseFMCO n 224/23/14DE/DE No offspring
 CoolMotion's Blue MoonMMCO a2/11/10DE/DE 15 offspring
 Pillowtalk's PascavellaFMCO a 226/4/11DE/DE 3 offspring
 Pillowtalk's PrimoMMCO a 226/4/11DE/RU 5 offspring
 CoolMotion's Beach BoyMMCO d4/19/10DE/DE 27 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Bella FantasticaFMCO d 2212/3/11DE/DE 9 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Bella RomanticaFMCO d 22 12/3/11DE/RU 1 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Bella RosaFMCO d 2212/3/11DE/- 1 offspring
 Ultimo von Marquis'ZaroMMCO n 09 229/16/11CH/DE 10 offspring
 Pillowtalk's WomanityFMCO n 09 224/8/12DE/CH 1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.