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Offspring of Tojo Polaris Evelyn King, F, MCO f 23, 10/25/07, NO/IT5 offspring
 Merridancers Brad PittMMCO n 223/20/09NO/IT 1 offspring
 Leaena RevolverMMCO n 235/29/10IT/BE14 offspring
 Leaena PapooseMMCO ns 095/31/09IT/IT 13 offspring
IC Leaena TennesseeMMCO d4/19/12IT/RU 6 offspring
 Leaena TexasMMCO n 234/19/12IT/IT 6 offspring
 Leaena ThailandiaFMCO fs 094/19/12IT/DE 2 offspring
 Leaena TunisiaFMCO f4/19/12IT/- No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.