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Offspring of Pillowtalk's Dandy, M, MCO e 22, 10/14/06, DE/DE8 offspring
 Timaracoon's Look at meFMCO n2/6/07NL/DE 5 offspring
 CoolMotion's Game BoyMMCO n2/17/08DE/DE 1 offspring
 CoolMotion's Gina GinelliFMCO f 222/17/08DE/RU 6 offspring
 Pillowtalk's XazitaFMCO a5/12/06DE/DE 5 offspring
 CoolMotion's I.C.Q.MMCO a4/2/08DE/DE 18 offspring
 Pillowtalk's KyraFMCO g 09 224/21/07DE/DE 5 offspring
 CoolMotion's NellyFMCO e 09 227/26/08DE/DE 1 offspring
 CoolMotion's NigeriaFMCO e 09 227/26/08DE/DE 1 offspring
 CoolMotion's NokiaFMCO g 09 227/26/08DE/DE 3 offspring
 Pillowtalk's Queen BeeFMCO f 03 228/6/07DE/DE 2 offspring
 CoolMotion's PeppelsFMCO g 227/31/08DE/RU 1 offspring
 Attree Manor LullabyFMCO ns 236/15/07DE/DE 1 offspring
 CoolMotion's RileyMMCO ns 229/6/08DE/RU 5 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.