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Offspring of di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco Ulyssia, F, 2003-05-22, FR/SE20 offspring
 de la Cale des Rouleaux TurnixMblack2002-04-30FR/FI 42 offspring
 Luddelumps Be My GuestFblack2005-08-26SE/- No offspring
 Luddelumps Beauty of BagdadFblack2005-08-26SE/- No offspring
 Luddelumps Betty BoopFblack2005-08-26SE/- No offspring
 Luddelumps Blue BombayMbrown2005-08-26SE/- No offspring
 Luddelumps Bon Bon BabyFblack2005-08-26SE/- No offspring
 Luddelumps Bosanova Big FootMbrown2005-08-26SE/- No offspring
 Luddelumps Boy of BeijingMbrown2005-08-26SE/- 5 offspring
 Luddelumps Brown Suger BoyMbrown2005-08-26SE/- No offspring
 des Champs Galants RalphMblack/white2000-04-25FR/FR 6 offspring
 Luddelumps Dark Win DuckMblack/white2006-03-09SE/- No offspring
CH SE Luddelumps Desiree DelightFblack/white2006-03-09SE/-8 offspring
 Luddelumps Diamond DogMblack/white2006-03-09SE/- No offspring
 Luddelumps Diesel DollarMblack/white2006-03-09SE/- No offspring
 Luddelumps Disney DollFblack/white2006-03-09SE/- No offspring
 Luddelumps Domino le BarbetMblack/white2006-03-09SE/- No offspring
 de l'Ile Romande AliasMblack2004-06-25CH/CH 20 offspring
 Luddelumps EbbaFblack2007-04-11SE/- No offspring
 Luddelumps ElsaFblack2007-04-11SE/- 8 offspring
 Luddelumps ElviraFblack2007-04-11SE/- 15 offspring
 Luddelumps ElvisMblack2007-04-11SE/- 9 offspring
 Luddelumps EssanFblack2007-04-11SE/- No offspring
 Luddelumps Ester called YatzieFblack2007-04-11SE/- 20 offspring

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