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Offspring of CH IT, CH INT Poppenspäler's Verveine, F, black, 1998-12-07, FR/IT21 offspring
CH IT des Marécages du Prince Febus brunMbrown1990-04-28FR/IT 11 offspring
Multi CH CaravaggioMbrown2001-09-21IT/IT11 offspring
 AgrippinaFblack2002-10-15IT/FR 7 offspring
 Carlotta CordayFbrown2002-10-15IT/FR 17 offspring
Multi CH Lucrezia BorgiaFbrown2002-10-15IT/IT11 offspring
 MasaccioMbrown2002-10-15IT/ES 21 offspring
 Mata HariF2002-10-15IT/IT No offspring
CH IT MessalinaFblack2002-10-15IT/IT No offspring
 OttaviaFblack2002-10-15IT/PL 22 offspring
 Paolina BorgheseFbrown2002-10-15IT/IT No offspring
CH FR, CH INT Rebecca de WinterFbrown2002-10-15IT/FR 34 offspring
 SalomeF2002-10-15IT/IT No offspring
CH INT Poppenspäler's VincacaoMbrown/white1998-12-07FR/FR 41 offspring
 Poppenspäler's BacardiFbrown/white2000-10-31FR/- No offspring
 Poppenspäler's BärenfangM2000-10-31FR/- No offspring
 Poppenspäler's BatziFbrown/white2000-10-31FR/CH No offspring
 Poppenspäler's BeaujolaisF2000-10-31FR/- No offspring
 Poppenspäler's BenedictineFbrown/white markings2000-10-31FR/CA 25 offspring
 Poppenspäler's BergeracMbrown2000-10-31FR/DE 24 offspring
 Poppenspäler's Bloody MaryF2000-10-31FR/- No offspring
 Poppenspäler's BordeauxMblack2000-10-31FR/FR No offspring
 Poppenspäler's BourgogneF2000-10-31FR/- No offspring
 Poppenspäler's BrandyFbrown/white2000-10-31FR/FR 30 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.