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Offspring of Multi CH Lucrezia Borgia, F, brown, 2002-10-15, IT/IT11 offspring
CH FR, CH INT Poppenspäler's VeltlinerMblack1998-12-07FR/FR 37 offspring
 Andrea MantegnaMblack2007-10-22IT/SE No offspring
 BramanteMblack2007-10-22IT/IT 6 offspring
 BuonarrotiMblack2007-10-22IT/CH No offspring
 Corte dei Berberi BotticelliMbrown2007-10-22IT/US 26 offspring
 Dolores HazeFbrown2007-10-22IT/SE 17 offspring
 Emma BovaryFbrown2007-10-22IT/FR 31 offspring
 Lola MontesFblack2007-10-22IT/CA 6 offspring
Multi CH Manon LescautFbrown2007-10-22IT/IT 7 offspring
 Marguerite GautierFblack2007-10-22IT/CA 8 offspring
 Piero della FrancescaMblack2007-10-22IT/IT 16 offspring
 Violetta ValeryFblack2007-10-22IT/IT No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.