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Offspring of CH Smokeycoons Moxee of Wistariantale, F, MCO n 22, 2006-11-14, US/IT9 offspring
 Williamina Genji of WistariantaleMMCO ns 09 222006-12-01JP/IT 23 offspring
 Wistariantale AishaFMCO n 22IT/IT 2 offspring
RW SGC Wistariantale MichelangeloMMCO n 09 222008-03-27IT/IT 18 offspring
 Wistariantale PradaFMCO ns 09 222008-03-27IT/CH 1 offspring
IC Wistariantale Shining LynxMMCO ns 222008-03-27IT/- 2 offspring
GIC Wistariantale SilverqueenFMCO ns 09 222008-03-27IT/IT 12 offspring
 Wistariantale Wizard of BonfiresMMCO ns 09 222008-03-27IT/DE No offspring
 Wistariantale Lucy In The SkyFMCO n 09 222009-11-18IT/AT 3 offspring
 Wistariantale Neytiri Dark AgeMMCO n 09 222009-11-18IT/PL 1 offspring
RW SGC Wistariantale TempestaMMCO n 222009-02-08IT/IT 1 offspring
CH Wistariantale Ulf of MainewoodFMCO n 222010-05-07IT/RU 4 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.