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Offspring of CH Zygot's Yam-Yam, F, NFO n 09 22, 2/24/07, SE/SE28 offspring
 Riisnes SigfridMNFO w 635/22/04SE/SE18 offspring
 Zygot's FargonMNFO w7/30/08SE/- No offspring
CH Zygot's FaylinnFNFO w7/30/08SE/SE8 offspring
 Zygot's FerrixMNFO n 09 247/30/08SE/SE9 offspring
IP IC Zygot's FifflinFNFO f 09 247/30/08SE/DK 21 offspring
GIC Zygot's Cornetto, DVMMNFO d 01 21 621/28/09SE/SE46 offspring
 Zygot's ThafariFNFO f 03 245/30/10SE/-No offspring
 Zygot's ThaleyaFNFO f 09 225/30/10SE/NL1 offspring
 Zygot's ThendaiMNFO n 03 225/30/10SE/-No offspring
 Zygot's Don-AlfonsoMNFO n 038/10/12SE/-No offspring
CH Zygot's Don-BasilMNFO n 038/10/12SE/SENo offspring
 Zygot's Don-JuanMNFO n 01 21 628/10/12SE/-12 offspring
CH Zygot's Donna-RosaFNFO f 01 21 628/10/12SE/BZNo offspring
 Zygot's Åsa StrandFNFO f 034/19/14SE/-No offspring
IP CH Zygot's Inge StrandMNFO n 034/19/14SE/NO2 offspring
 Zygot's Mölle StrandMNFO n 03 244/19/14SE/-No offspring
 Zygot's Viking StrandMNFO n 034/19/14SE/-No offspring
 Pax Romas MarsMNFO e 09 224/26/08SE/-13 offspring
 Zygot's Black-JackMNFO n 096/16/11SE/FR2 offspring
 Zygot's Diki-DikiFNFO f 09 226/16/11SE/DE6 offspring
 Zygot's Gin-SlingFNFO f 03 226/16/11SE/FI6 offspring
IC Zygot's Hot-SpotMNFO n 03 226/16/11SE/-No offspring
 Zygot's Ohoy-OboyMNFO n 09 226/16/11SE/-No offspring
EC Mestro's Akilles, JW, DMMNFO n 03 243/2/05NO/SE75 offspring
 Zygot's DojanFNFO n 01 21 633/30/15SE/SE1 offspring
 Zygot's MuddMNFO n 093/30/15SE/DKNo offspring
 Zygot's QueMNFO n 093/30/15SE/-No offspring
 Zygot's RockboxMNFO n 09 243/30/15SE/-No offspring
GIC Boogy'Pimp Groove ArmadaMNFO n 09 223/19/09PL/DE17 offspring
CH Zygot's Aqua Di ParmaFNFO n 09 221/21/16SE/GR2 offspring
IC Zygot's Bruno BananiMNFO n 03 221/21/16SE/GB5 offspring
 Zygot's Dita Von TeeseFNFO n 03 221/21/16SE/SE4 offspring
 Zygot's Mene MoyFNFO n 091/21/16SE/IS1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.