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Offspring of Mostlycats Beginner, F, MCO f 23, 12/27/07, FI/FI3 offspring
 Gladür Nosmo KingMMCO es 228/28/06NL/NL13 offspring
 Mostlycats Bowl of BeautyFMCO e 2311/16/09FI/FI3 offspring
CH Magic Lake SamMMCO n 224/1/08DE/FI 12 offspring
 Mostlycats ElizabethFMCO f 235/7/10FI/FINo offspring
 Magic Lake Silver PlushMMCO ns 09 228/27/10DE/FI7 offspring
 Mostlycats Paint It BlackFMCO n9/7/12FI/-1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.