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Offspring of CH Babyliss Lucky Star, F, NFO fs 09 22, 5/18/02, SE/SE4 offspring
EC Mar'Michel's Qp Qin ZanoMNFO d 096/18/01SE/SE18 offspring
 Highlander's KaytauMNFO ns 09 2310/17/04SE/- No offspring
 Highlander's KermodiMNFO es 0910/17/04SE/- No offspring
CH Europa's Løve Tand, JWMNFO n 096/30/04DK/SE21 offspring
 Highlander's Magellan McHeartFNFO n 03 2110/11/05SE/- 5 offspring
IP IC Highlander's Murtagh McBraveMNFO n 03 2210/11/05SE/SE23 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.